Keys Challenge: The Beard Experiment

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I had a mustache for quite awhile 35 years ago, but never a beard.  A three day growth just drove me crazy, so I never got any farther.  My buddy Bruce has always had a beard.  He looks good most of the time (Usually he looks like Sean Connery.  Occasionally he resembles Gabby Hayes).  So when I headed out on a twelve day paddling trip, I thought I had the perfect occasion to grow my first beard.  After all, no one expected me to be neat and well groomed on such a long trip!  The video was shot the day after I got back.  I decided I looked more like Gabby Hayes than Sean Connery.  So I checked "Grow a Beard" off my bucket list, and shaved.


250px-SeanConneryJune08_crop220px-Gabby_Hayes_&_Roy_Rogers copy

Sean Connery?   

      Gabby Hayes?

Ironman-aesop copy

Or is it Al Falfa?  You Decide.



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