Gear Review: MSR Dromedary Bags-Removing the Nasty Taste

Dromedary Bags

MSR Dromedary Bags are wonderful for carrying fresh water inside a kayak on those long trips where the ability to resupply is infrequent or nonexistent.  They conform to the bottom of the kayak and do not leak or puncture.  However, they have one big (for me) drawback; the waterproof lining of the bags impart a plastic garden hose taste to the water.  I find this to be very unpleasant and have been looking for ways to eliminate this taste.  

A reviewer's comment on one review website had me trying this experiment, with mixed results.  He suggested filling the bags with water and letting them set.  Then emptying the bags, refilling again and letting them set again.  Do this over and over for many days as a way to eliminate the taste.  This video records that process.  But I must tell you, the results were mixed.


I could not get the bad taste out of these bags.  I encountered many others over the internet who had the same problem.  Ultimately, I decided to sell my Dromedary bags on eBay and go with Platypus Bags.  They are far from perfect, but they are also durable, and the water from them tastes good.  BTW, I did tell my eBay customers that I and others found water from the bags to have an unpleasant taste.  They sold anyway.  Apparently the taste doesn't bother some people.  

Link to Platypus Bag Review:!/Entries/2011/10/5_Hydration__Platypus_Bottles_and_Tanks.html


Reader Comments

My results are the same as yours and you can use them multiple times and the taste never goes away:-(

I personally use one and two liter seltzer bottles. They are more durablethan the Platypus. Besides the one liter version work better with mySteripen Classic, which is my water purification of choice for many reasons.

Another plus about using seltzer bottles is that you can lay a nearly full one on it's side to use as a level. And since I recently started using a hammock, I can check how level the ridge line is.

Most of my bottles are years old and show it, but still work fine.

Stevie McAllister

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