On the Indian River Lagoon Again

The Indian River Lagoon off of the City of Sebastian in Florida is my favorite place to paddle.  I go there to paddle along the spoil islands from IR6 to IR1 every few months.  Then I paddle back along the shore.  It’s about a six mile trip.  I enjoy exploring the area and observing, not only the wildlife, but the continuing changes to the islands and what I find there.  I usually put in at the soon to be upgraded kayak launch in Riverside Park, paddle out to the closest spoil island, and head north.  On this day I got an early start (for me) to escape the heat of the day and avoid the winds that typically arise around ten o’clock.  As it turns out, it was plenty hot with temperatures in the 90’s and high humidity, but little wind.  Below are two video reports of my summer trips on the lagoon.

Trip Data:

Distance Traveled: 6.05 Miles

Moving Average Speed: 3.0 mph

Moving Time: 2h:00m

Stopped: 21m: 45s

Max Speed: 5.0 mph

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