The Heel Hook Rescue


The heel hook rescue is my preferred rescue technique for both assisted and self rescue.  If done correctly it can get you back into your boat quickly.  The video below shows the self rescue method using a paddle float.  As is typical with these videos, the demonstration is done in calm water.  That makes it easy to see all the steps and procedures involved.  Just be aware that in a real self rescue situation conditions are likely to be a bit more difficult.  

This video is by The Art of and can be found on YouTube

The assisted heel hook rescue doesn’t use a paddle float.  Stability is provide by your partner’s boat placed parallel to yours and facing the opposite direction.  As you hook your heel and throw yourself up onto your rear deck, your partner grabs your PFD and assists by pulling you onto your boat.  The assisted rescue is quicker and easier than a self rescue.  

Next time you’re practicing rescues, why not give the heel hook rescue a try.

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