Testing Elaho on the St. Sebastian River


The canoe launch near routes 510 and 512.

This was my first time out kayaking alone after my little heart issue this summer.  I used the occasion to test out the refurbished rudder system on the 12 year old Necky Elaho I had purchased, and observe some wildlife.  I paddled from Dale Winbrow Park to the canoe launch near where routes 510 and 512 intersect, a distance of about six miles each way.  


The St. Sebastian River was full of wildlife on this day.  I saw many large Great Blue Herons, several Little Blues, lots of turtles, more alligator than I had ever seen on the river and a huge manatee feeding in the shallows.  


The Elaho paddles great!  It edge turns like a dream.  The rudder system was sticking when turning to the left.  Eventually I discovered that I had fed the rudder cable improperly on that side and it was wedging in a crack.  I have since rerouted the cable properly.  The video below covers all of this.  

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