Thoughts on Living Seven Decades

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Yackman is seventy this month.  Though on most days I feel more or less ageless, I have some days when I feel "old," and begin to find the number of years I've been here, scary.  I really can't complain about my health, strength and stamina too much.  As I said, most days I feel ageless.  But at seventy, I look down the road and wonder how long I'll be able to keep doing this thing I enjoy so much.  And I wonder about how much time Lisa and I have left together.

Lisa's 60th Surprise - 0021

We've been together for twenty years, in many ways, the best twenty years of my life.  I'd like  another twenty, if I can stay healthy.  In any case, here's a music video to help celebrate the glories and foibles of growing old.  


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