Derelict Boast Update: September 2018

It had been six months since I last toured the six spoil islands off of Sebastian, Florida to see what the condition of the derelict boats was. I wondered if there were any new ones or if any had been removed?  Of those that were still there, what was their condition?  This is what I found.

The catamaran that had been sitting on the bottom inside the lagoon on IR3 was gone.  It had been more and more degraded my hurricanes Mathew and Irma to where it was a total wreck.  Someone (probably the state) must have hauled it out of there.

The second boat , also in the IR3 lagoon, was a twin hulled powerboat.  It was viable and being repaired until Hurricane Irma washed it aground.  A year later it was still aground, its cabin, never completed, was leaning over at a strange angle.  Holes had been cut in its rear deck and port side hull to extract the engine, drive unit, and fuel tanks.  It has been abandoned and left to the elements.

A sail boat washed up on the west face of IR6 several years ago, I think by Hurricane Matthew, was still there but in a much degraded condition.  The hull had holes in several places, water washing in and out with every wave.  It is in the process of breaking up.

Finally, the boat named Avenga that washed up high and dry against a huge tree root some years ago. Hurricane Matthew slammed  another smaller boat into Avenga and moved them to where they were laying side by side in shallow water.  This year Hurricane Irma completed the job.  The smaller boat has been completely destroyed, with parts strewn all across IR1, and Avenga, still a beautiful boat, has been holed and is slowly disintegrating.   

The video below will show you these boats.

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