Cayo Costa Landing Routine

Cayo Costa is an island off of Fort Myers, Florida.  Ninety percent of the island is state park land.  The camping is “primitive” in the sense that there is no island wide electricity or hot showers.  The island can be reached only by boat.  There is a local ferry that serves the island and there are moorings and dockage for power and sailing craft.  Human powered boats land on a narrow, sandy beach to the left of the main dock.  I paddled to Cayo Costa with about 40 people on a Paddle Florida trip.  The numbers of paddlers and boats meant that we could not store our kayaks near the water: we needed to carry them some distance to place them atop a large, flat mound covering the island’s septic system.  This landing and portage was a bit more extreme than many, but is still illustrative of the routine we follow most of the time.


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