Clouds over the Indian River Lagoon

Why Yackman.com and YackmanArchive.com? 

Yackman.com was created in 2007 using Apples iWeb software.  In 2012 Apple announced that it would no longer upgrade or support the iWeb software.  This made it necessary to create a new Yackman.com using new Sandvox software.  Converting all of the pre 2012 web material from the iWeb to the Sandvox format was to daunting a task for a part time webmaster like myself.   My solution was to archive the pre 2012 iWeb reports as YackmanArchive.com.  Use the menu bar above under YackmanArchive.com to peruse the articles published on the archived website.

Schodack Island 2005

Schodack Island, Hudson River, New York

Spring Warrior © D.Yackel 2008 - 06

Spring Warrior Creek, Big Bend Salt Water Paddling Trail, Florida

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