A Pirate Ship?

You never know what you'll see on the Indian River Lagoon!


A Pirate Ship on the Indian River Lagoon?


While paddling around the back side of IR3 (Indian River spoil island #3) I was startled to see this ship as I rounded the island's north end.   A pirate ship?  Arrrrah Matey, that's what she looked like!  Closer inspection showed that this pirate ship had an outboard motor for power - I doubted whether she ever traveled under sail - and fake cannons extending from fake ports along her sides.  

A quick web search indicated that the ship had been on the Lagoon for several years, the brainchild of a "Captain Red" who modified the hull into a fantasy pirate ship for "a mere $7,000.00".  http://www.aprecisionvision.com/pirates-have-invaded-the-indian-river-lagoon/

Here is a short video about the Calypso as seen at IR3.


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